A Premonition in a Pub

Bramleys pub

In Vine Street, off Myrtle Street, there once stood a pub called the Myrtle Hotel, which was later renamed Bramleys. In the scorching hot summer of 1976, a gang of construction-site workers came into Bramleys to slake their thirst with a few ice-cold lagers. Two of the workmen were stripped to the waist because of the infernal heat, and one of them just happened to glance at his reflection in a gold-tinted mirror in the pub parlour as he downed his pint. What he saw chilled him more than the drink. His mirror image had a long, stitched up gash right across his stomach. The brickie examined his abdomen to reassure himself that there was no actual wound there. But when he checked again in the mirror, the slash was still there on the reflection of his body.
The man's five workmates and a barmaid were witnesses to this strange illusion. After about a minute, the bricklayer observed that the phantom wound had vanished from his reflection. A fortnight later, whilst working on a building in Toxteth, the brickie who had seen the eerie spectral scar lost his balance and toppled off scaffolding. He was impaled on railings, He survived, but suffered horrific injuries and was forced to retire after a complicated operation to repair his abdomen and bowels. The scar left by the surgeon was identical to that which the bricklayer and six other witnesses had seen in that pub mirror in Bramleys two weeks previously.
There were other strange premonitions seen in that gold tinted mirror, and they are related in Haunted Liverpool 4.

©Tom Slemen 2000.