Tom Slemen

Born: Liverpool, England

Occupation Writer and investigator of the paranormal

Nationality: British

Subjects: Paranormal and Unsolved Crimes

Notable work: Haunted Liverpool series

Tom Slemen, is a Liverpool writer, columnist and broadcaster, known foremostly as the author of the best-selling Haunted Liverpool series of books (Bluecoat Press 1996-2010) which document paranormal incidents and often unsolved or unusual crimes in his home town of Liverpool, past and present.

Early life and interest in ghosts

Tom's interest in the paranormal began in early childhood, when he lived with his family on Melville Place, near Myrtle Street, Liverpool. Tom says that he learned from his mother that she had witnessed a ghostly apparition of a Victorian maid carrying a large serving plate along with the eerie sound of children laughing, and he was immediately hooked. None of the family thought to investigate any possible causes for the spectre, but Tom took it upon himself to try to uncover the mystery behind the spirit maid. Off he went to the local library and discovered that their home was actually built on the same spot where an orphanage once stood. To some this could mean that the ghosts were associated with the former orphanage. Tom later realised that a nearby street was called Orphan Street. From this time forward his interest increased each time he visited the library in search of other ghostly stories.

Tom has had a varied career since the publication of his first book Murder On Merseyside (Hale 1994). First and foremost he is an author. As well as writing his books, he also contributes very popular weekly columns about paranormal activities and unsolved crimes linked to Liverpool in The Liverpool Echo. Tom's most successful work is the top-selling Haunted Liverpool series. There are currently sixteen books in this series. All of Tom's books deal with various paranormal and supernatural events linked to the city of Liverpool, such as ghosts, UFO's, time travel, aliens and instances of ESP. With the unprecedented success of the Haunted Liverpool series, Tom also wrote and published two more books in the same vein as his Liverpool books, but these books investigated the paranormal activities in Wirral and Cheshire. Tom has also published other books which focus on famous mysteries from around the globe, reported instances of telepathy, astral projection, bilocation, teleportation and the Akashic Records.Tom Slemen's books are the most widely read works amongst schoolchildren on Merseyside and his talks and lectures on the paranormal and unsolved crimes have always been well attended. In March 2003, Tom gave a morning and afternoon talk to 3,000 people at St George's Hall and received a standing ovation. In Arabella McIntyre-Brown's Liverpool: The First 1000 Years Tom Slemen is credited with solving the 1931 Julia Wallace murder. Tom proved that Julia was not murdered by her husband William Herbert Wallace, but John Sharp Johnston, a next-door neighbour. Tom is currently writing a book on the case.

The majority of the tales in Tom's books come to him from local people who related their own experiences. Tom, however does not just retell the story verbatim, he undertakes his own research and documents the events related to him by various locals in order to attempt to verify the facts. Tom Slemen has unearthed many original historical cases from true crime as well as the paranormal, such as the Old Swan Mass Graves Mystery, the Lizzie Peers Murder Case (1905), the Madge Kirby Murder (1908), and the Penny Lane Poltergeist case (1930-1997).

Tom Slemen was the first person to hold a ghost walk in Liverpool. The idea was originated by the Liverpool Daily Post and the walk took place in 2003. In February 2008 Tom granted the right to run ghost walks based on his material to Freshfields Animal Rescue, a local animal sanctuary which he has supported since 1997.

Tom Slemen's Publishing history

Murder on Merseyside (Hale 1994)
Haunted Liverpool (Pharaoh Press 1996)
Haunted Liverpool 2 (Bluecoat Press 1997)
Giant book of strange but true (Parragon Plus 1998)
Haunted Liverpool 3 (Bluecoat Press 1998)
Haunted Liverpool 4 (Bluecoat Press 2000)
The Mind's Secrets (Parragon Plus 2000)
Haunted Cheshire (Bluecoat Press 2000)
Haunted Liverpool 5 (Bluecoat Press 2001)
Wicked Liverpool 1 (Bluecoat Press 2002)
Wicked Liverpool 2 (Bluecoat Press 2002)
Haunted Liverpool 6 (Bluecoat Press 2002)
Haunted Wirral (Bluecoat Press 2002)
Mysteries (Bluecoat Press 2002)
Tom Slemen's Mysterious World (Bluecoat Press 2003)
Haunted Liverpool 7 (Bluecoat Press 2003)
Haunted Liverpool 8 (Bluecoat Press 2003)
Haunted Liverpool 9 (Bluecoat Press 2004)
Haunted Liverpool 10 (Bluecoat Press 2004)
Strange Liverpool (Bluecoat Press 2005)
Liverpool Ghost Walk (Bluecoat Press 2005)
Haunted Liverpool 11 (Bluecoat Press 2006)
Haunted Liverpool 12 (Bluecoat Press 2006)
Haunted Liverpool Anthology (Bluecoat Press 2006)
Haunted Liverpool 13 (Bluecoat Press 2006)
Haunted Liverpool 14 (Bluecoat Press 2007)
Haunted Liverpool 15 (Bluecoat Press 2007)
Vampires (Bluecoat Press 2007)
Haunted Liverpool 16 (Bluecoat Press 2008)
Jack the Ripper: British Intelligence Agent (2010)
Haunted Liverpool Casebook (2010)
Beasts, Banshees & Bogeymen (2011)
Murders of Merseyside (2011) Kindle edition
Tall Tales for Little People (2011) Kindle edition
Vampires of Britain (2011) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 1 (2011) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 1 - Illusrated (2011) Kindle edition
Haunted Wirral 1 (2011) Kindle edition
Jack the Ripper - Secret Service (2011) Kindle edition
Jack the Ripper - Secret Service - Illustrated (2011) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 3 (2011) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 5 (2011) Kindle edition
Murders of Merseyside (paperback 2011
Haunted Liverpool 4 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 6 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 7 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 8 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 9 (2012) Kindle edition
The Haunted City (2012) Kindle edition
Strange Liverpool 1 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 10 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 11 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 12 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 13 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 14 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 15 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 16 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 17 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 18 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool Ghost Walk 1 (2012) Kindle edition
Haunted Liverpool 19 (out soon) Kindle edition
Tales of the Talking Picture (2012) Kindle edition
(Plus twenty other works in progress)

The Bureau, Rodney Street

Tom Slemen has an archive of the many thousands of tales and reports on supernatural phenomena stored in a room at his private office on Rodney Street, which he calls the Bureau, accessed by a secret sliding door in the panel of his library. Amongst the thousands of reports and 169 unpublished stories and rare photographs of Liverpool, there is a collection of intriguing articles and artifacts that include old statues of the Polynesian god Tiki (used by members of the 1960s Liverpool Tiki cult), the alleged skull of a vampire, a 200-year-old magician's wand, black magic effigies, a rare Victorian map of a system of tunnels discovered under north Liverpool, an antique playing card box that belonged to William Mackenzie (entombed in the Rodney Street pyramid), an Edwardian vampire-laying kit in a portmanteau, a book of curses (over 150 years old), and an obsidian mirror that can supposedly summon anyone from history.