Along Came A Spider

In the summer of 1990, police in Russia found a resident in a block of dilapidated apartments in the Ukraine area dead on the floor of an elevator. The man had two holes in the side of his neck - which was badly bruised yellow and blue. At the post mortem, the coroner discovered that the man in the elevator had died through shock and loss of blood. About 1.5 litres of blood were missing, yet there had been no bloodstains in the elevator. It was as if a vampire had sucked the blood out of the dead man, but the Russian police couldn't go for that outlandish explanation.
A month later, police were called to the same apartment block because a girl of thirteen was trapped in the elevator, which was stuck between the fourth and fifth floor. Residents heard the girl screaming frantically, and when the police arrived with three members of the local fire service and gained access to the elevator, they found the girl lying on the floor of the elevator. The girl was dead, and two small puncture marks were later found on the girl's left breast, which was heavily bruised. The residents refused to use the faulty elevator, and were convinced that a vampire was at large in the building.
Police started to play down the seemingly unsolvable deaths, and one former KGB propaganda minister named Leonid Keeterov suggested that the girl had died after injecting heroin into herself, but the dead girl's parents threatened to sue the official, because their daughter had never taken drugs and no syringe was found in the elevator.
To get to the bottom of the matter, a Russian detective and a sergeant entered the elevator and rode it continually up and down. The two men were armed with pistols and carried flashlights and two-way radios.
Three days later, the elevator was travelling upwards when it halted inbetween the fifth and sixth floor of the building. The lights went out, so the men switched on their torches and two-way radios to alert their colleagues who were playing cards in a police van in the street below.
The two trapped men waited, perhaps wondering if some ghostly vampire would appear. There was a long silence for about three minutes; then they heard something scuttling above their heads. Something was moving along the roof of the elevator. The detective noticed a black square - almost a foot across - set in the roof of the elevator where an access panel had come away. The elevator was so old, the panel had probably fallen off because of rust. The detective shone his torch through the square hole in the roof, and the beam from his torch lit up the lift shaft above and the steel cables supporting the lift. Something peered through that hole that made the detective's blood run cold. A small black hairy head the size of an orange with a bunch of black eyes the size of grapes looked in at him.
The sergeant was terrified by the freakish-looking animal and raised his revolver at it, but the detective told him not to fire.
'What is it?' said the petrified police sergeant, trembling, and almost dropping his torch with nerves.
'Turn your torch off.' the detective said to the sergeant.
'What? No way sir.' the sergeant protested, sweating heavily.
'That thing doesn't like light.' said the detective. 'You keep your torch on then and I'll turn mine off. Don't make any sudden moves, and tell the men downstairs to stand by.'
The detective switched off his light, and watched the thing slide further into the elevator. Suddenly, the sergeant's nerves got the better of him, because he had three phobias: fear of the dark - fear of enclosed spaces - and arachnaphobia; a fear of spiders, and that horrible thing hanging through the hole in the ceiling looked like an overgrown spider. So the sergeant just freaked out and dropped his torch, and his nerves cost him his life. The torch hit the floor and smashed. Before the detective could switch on his torch, the enormous hairy black spider dropped into the elevator with lightning agility and bit out at the only thing in the confined space that was moving excitedly. The spider bit the unfortunate sergeant's face and hung on as it drew out his blood. The detective switched on his torch and saw the whole nightmarish drama. The sergeant was screaming, and the spider was like something from another planet. Its body was the size of a jack russel dog, and its eight hairy legs were almost 3 feet long. The freak insect's mouthparts were embedded into the sergeant's face, and as it sucked out his blood, the spider's body turned red. The detective took aim and shot twice at the spider. The first shot missed, and the second bullet blasted one of the spider's legs off, but when the bullet ricocheted off the wall, it bounced back and smashed the torchbulb. The elevator was once again in total darkness. The sergeant stopped screaming and his body hit the floor with a thump, and the detective could feel the bristly hairs on the insect brush against him as the huge spider ran past and climbed back up to the hole in the elevator's roof. When the police and firemen opened the elevator, they found the dead sergeant, whose terror-stricken face was bruised and bloody - and on the floor in the corner, sat the traumatized detective. Nearby on the elevator floor was a long hairy black leg of the spider still twitching. The detective remained speechless for a while then blurted out the incredible story. The authorities quickly hushed up the incident, but news of the story got out via the internet, and a version of the story also appeared in a Turkish newspaper, but was quickly denounced as an exaggeration. It was claimed that the giant spider was a deformed black widow spider that had been mutated by the radioactive fallout from the recent Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. Later reports on the internet said Russian troops had destroyed the spider with a flamethrower, then discovered the insect had laid eggs at the top of the lift shaft.

Before you turn the light out tonight, you'd better put the
plug in the don't know what's crawling about nowdays...

He's seen you!

©Tom Slemen 2002.